Rokk3r offers company building as a service.

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Our value proposition.

For mature businesses

For mature businesses

Through our unique company-building as a service platform, we offer an alternative to inefficient corporate innovation spend. Large organizations work with us to generate, validate, and execute new startup ideas. Within 3-6 months, you can launch and scale a startup in partnership with us.

For investors

For investors

We offer the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of startups at the earliest stages. Investing at the earliest stages of company development means you’re investing at a lower valuation and getting a higher ownership stake.

For entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs

We offer a new way to build companies, one without the risk of traditional venture capital or solo founder path.

Our venture builders.


Talent pool which can build out truly intelligent AI systems is rarer than venture dollars. 


Logistics and transportation are entering a time of transformation both on land and at sea, driven by rapid advances in technology.


Today’s technology and connected consumer are transforming the century-old insurance business model from reactive to predictive and preventive.


Today’s consumer is changing and retailers must evolve to meet consumer expectations.

Interested in investing in or building a company with us?