Why Insurtech?

Today’s technology and connected consumer are transforming the century-old business model from reactive to predictive and preventive. Insurance becomes accessible and customizable for people and operationally efficient for companies.

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On demand insurance company from Argentina where people can protect whatever they want, whenever they want,
for as long as they want to.



An insurtech company, specialized in the development of digital solutions aimed at the insurance and automotive markets, that seeks to improve the claims management in each of the stages of the vehicle life cycle.

LIKK Technologies

LIKK Technologies

Property technology company that develops smart IoT and data-enabled safety solutions that monitor, detect, and respond to water leaks.

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Talent pool which can build out truly intelligent AI systems is rarer than venture dollars. 


Logistics and transportation are entering a time of transformation both on land and at sea, driven by rapid advances in technology.


Today’s consumer is changing and retailers must evolve to meet consumer expectations.

Circular Economy

Sustaining the modern lifestyle.
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